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Welcome to Doujin House Asia, the place where artistic works are made into fun and interesting learning materials.

Doujin House Asia is a premier online portal used as a way to get Filipino artists to work with English online teachers in creating English materials for teaching purposes. The company is providing opportunities to Filipino amateur artists who have a knack for making doujinshi.

The doujinshi to be created will be based on situations and dialogues cited by the teachers.

Doujin writers will have the freedom to choose what they want to work on based on a list of topics. Every page and every work done for Doujin House Asia will be compensated accordingly. So, more works means more money in your bank!

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Doujin House

We are now opening our doors for amateur Doujin artists to submit their original works to be made as a more enjoyable learning material for Japanese students. Come and help us make our lessons come alive!

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